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Customer Company Profile

Our client described in this case provides Life Science products and a wide range of personalized genomic and proteomic services worldwide. It is also a trusted CDMO, recognized internationally for developing and producing critical biopharmaceutical raw materials and therapeutic molecules. Importantly, all the processes associated with their research and diagnostic services follow the guidelines for biological material handling and proper lab work practices, certified to ISO 9001, ISO13484, and GMP.

Customer priorities:

  • Frequent deliveries of a significant quantity of raw materials to sustain the production during a rapidly growing demand for diagnostic tools.
  • High quality of reagents, maintaining an excellent standard of end products.
  • IP free, facilitating effortless worldwide delivery.

Tailor made cooperation



Our client used their manufacturing expertise to deliver the products necessary to fight the spread of COVID-19. The company focused on meeting the growing demand for IVD grade SARS-CoV-2 testing kits based on the RT-qPCR technique. This need for a substantial production scale-up led to a greater need for primary components and raw materials, which their current supplier was not able to reach.

Customer challenges


  • Supplier able to repeatedly provide bulk quantities of RNase inhibitor
  • High-quality reagents to maintain their diagnostic kits’ quality and performance
  • Patent-free reagents, with no geographical restrictions



A signed qualitative contract assures mutual understanding, declares our dedication to meet the project deadlines, and guarantees the quality and consistency of all product characteristics.

As we are an EU-based company, it is guaranteed that the availability of our services, delivery time, and customs should never be an obstacle in achieving the client’s business goals.

Customer Results


  • The client established a partnership with a steady supplier of the required bulk amounts of reagents in only one month!
  • The production of diagnostic kits was significantly scaled up without any delays

Project stages

  • IP status due diligence, to guarantee patent-free state of the products
  • Client-side testing to ensure compatibility with existing kit components
  • Significant production scale up, with further bulk batches pre-booking

Why do clients choose BLIRT?

Quality and compatibility

Stringent QA validation methods for consistent quality and full compatibility with existing kit components

Stable supply chain and the possibility to order bulk reagent quantities

Large production scale

IP transparency

Clear patent state of our products ensures effortless worldwide delivery

Continuous communication, custom crafted deals, and no deadlines missed

Efficiency and flexibility


Our partnership with the client allowed them to meet their goal of quickly and efficiently scaling up their diagnostic kit production. We have ensured that all their requests were satisfied through:

  • Efficient, quick, and direct communication, providing expertise and transparency on the patent state of our IP, including lack of any geographical and resale constraints
  • Swift transfer of testing samples, allowing to ensure their compatibility with other kit reagents
  • Elasticity in the cooperation and batch pricing
  • Fast delivery of a wholesale product quantity to meet the growing demand for diagnostic test production

In the words of our satisfied customers:

Representative of the diagnostic test producer

We contacted BLIRT with high expectations, knowing their reputation of the market of life science services. Our product needed to be developed fast, adhere to strict standards, and show the highest quality and specificity.
Their ability to quickly scale up to meet our deadlines allowed us to be one of the first to introduce a fully functional all-in-one SARS-CoV-2 testing kit to the regional market.I thoroughly recommend cooperation with BLIRT to all life science innovators looking for reliable business partners for tailored product development solutions.

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Scientific Support Manager, BLIRT

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