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Customer Company Profile

Midsize, EU-based Company that specializes in nucleic acid purification for over 20 years and provides custom development and contract services to global in vitro diagnostic companies. The company offers Nucleic Acid purification solutions for manual and automatic DNA / RNA extraction from any sample.

Customer priorities:

  • Proteinase K tailored to individual needs
  • CoA with description of customized QC methods
  • Stable stocks, 100-1000g product scale, and possibly of bulk portioning
  • R&D consultation on product properties

Why do clients choose BLIRT?

Guaranteed Quality

Quality assurance conducted according to your specification, with fully customised CoA.

Possibility to book regular deliveries in bulk batches, ensuring steady reagent influx.

Stable supply

R&D know-how

Product customization according to your every need.

Continuous communication and support on every step of product development

Experience and communication

Tailor made cooperation



The client developed a new platform to extract nucleic acids from various samples. For this, they required Proteinase K with specific properties, fitting perfectly into the development process. The product had to be manufactured on a large scale, with proven quality and long-term stability.

Customer challenges


  • Unique product not available on the general market
  • The need for dedicated project management team
  • Assistance in establishing the product development process required



A signed qualitative contract assures mutual understanding, declares our dedication to meet the project deadlines, and guarantees the quality and consistency of all product characteristics.

The client’s business goals are our priority, where partners are guaranteed the availability of our services, experience in customs, and short delivery time from the center of Europe.

Customer Results


  • By partnering with our client, we were able to provide unique specifications that were essential for the project.
  • The customer approved the product quality, which was tailored to his specific application, and confirmed by a jointly developed quality control test.
  • The final product perfectly integrates into state-of-the-art technology and pioneering equipment, which provides a competitive advantage in the market.

Project stages

  • First samples delivered for client-side testing after only 8 weeks.
  • A cooperation contract signed after quality confirmation, ensuring standard delivery conditions and facilitating a continuous supply chain.
  • Continuous communication during the product development process.
  • Final product version, along with its production process, approved by customer six months after the beginning of the project.


Thanks to a flexible approach and strong scientific background in the R&D department, we can offer our clients an individual approach and dedicated solutions. In this case, the customer’s requirements were met through the following steps:

  • The unique property of the product – solubility in the buffer, was incorporated into the CoA for the customer.
  • Each production batch of the product was tested with the analytical methods accepted by the customer. The customer was assured that he receives a product that meets expectations, confirmed by the quality documents.
  • Proteinase K with unique properties has also been tested for long-term stability and extreme conditions during delivery to provide a wide range of necessary information. The essential quality parameters were included in the Certificate of Analysis.

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In the words of our satisfied customers:

CEO, German company

I confirm that our cooperation with BLIRT S.A. proceeded smoothly and without difficulties. Our partnership resulted in swift delivery of tailored-made Proteinase K, with the enzyme exhibiting exceptional activity and purity in every lot. We are also very happy with their timelines and flexibility in portioning and quality control. BLIRT S.A is distinguished by their high technical know-how and affordable prices. I fully recommend cooperation with this company!

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