PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade

Proteinase K - one of the most commonly used enzymes in molecular biology.

Perfect choice for protein digestion in various applications.


  • BLIRT - expert in Proteinase K production for over 15 years.
  • Certified manufacturing process ISO 13485 resulting in the highest quality product with a very low batch-to-batch variability.
  • Large quantities, the possibility of white labeling, and portioning service - liquid form in the amount at the customer's request (up to several million samples monthly).
RP100, RP100B, RP101B, RP102B, RP103B-5, RP103B-10, RP103B-50, RP103B, RP103B-C, RP107B, RP107B-1, RP107B-5
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PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade

Proteinase K Molecular Biology Grade from Parengyodontium album (Tritirachium album) is a subtilisin-related serine protease. It is a broad-spectrum endopeptidase with a very high specific activity.

Recombinant Proteinase K enzyme is expressed in Pichia pastoris, and undergoes extensive purification to yield the highest quality product.

Proteinase K Molecular Biology Grade (PCR Grade) is active under a wide range of reaction conditions, including elevated temperatures and the presence of SDS. As a result, this enzyme is widely using for the digestion of proteins, including DNases and RNases, during nucleic acid preparations without compromising the integrity of isolated DNA or RNA.

Proteinase K Molecular Biology Grade is free of exonucleases, endonucleases, and ribonucleases. Also check our Proteinase K NGS Grade


  • Recombinant broad-spectrum non-specific protease derived from Tritirachium album and over-expressed in Pichia pastoris.
  • High activity and exceptional purity.
  • Active at high temperatures (up to 56 °C) and denaturing conditions (e.g. in the presence of urea and/or SDS), what makes it ideal for digesting proteins in variety of applications.
  • Stable over a wide pH range: 4.0–12.5 (optimum pH 7.5–8.0).
  • Decreased amount of host DNA (≤ 10 pg/mg / MBG or ≤ 0.1 pg/mg NGS).
  • Available as powder, lyophilized “cake” or liquid.


  • Extraction of DNA and RNA from different starting materials.
  • Purification of target material from contaminating proteins.
  • Removal of DNases and RNases during nucleic acids isolation.


One unit of Proteinase K hydrolyzes urea-denaturated hemoglobin producing color equivalent of 1 μmol tyrosine per 1 min at 37°C and pH 7.5 (Folin & Ciocalteu’s method), 1 U = 1 mAnsonU.


Proteinase K MBG - Activity

Blirt’s Proteinase K MBG is interchangeable with comparators without dose adjustments.
Declared activity for all shown suppliers is ≥30 U/mg (blue line).


Proteinase K MBG Powder activity after up to 2 years storage at -20°C is guaranteed by Certificate of Analysis, additionally performed experiments revealed only <14% activity loss after 3 years storage at -20°C (and it is still above-declared ≥30U/mg). It is a very important feature for molecular biology kits manufacturers.


Automation of the Proteinase K MBG Production results in minimal batch to batch activity variation.

Consistency in the product characteristics in all delivered batches guarantees reliable experiments results and stable working conditions.

Blue line represents declared minimum activity (≥ 30 U/mg). Batch-to-batch variation is 3,0% (with measurement error ± 1-6%).

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - Product Specification (Solution)

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - Description (powder)

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - Flyer (Chinese)

Proteinase K MB Grade – Lyophilized powder

  • Solubility in water

≥ 20 mg/ml

  • Activity

≥ 30 U/mg lyophilizate
≥ 40 U/mg protein

  • Protein content

≥ 70% Protein content is determined by measuring absorbance at 280 nm.

  • DNA content

≤ 10 pg/mg by qPCR

Proteinase K MB Grade – Solution

  • Proteinase K concentration

20 mg/ml

  • Activity

≥ 800 U/ml

  • DNA content

≤ 200 pg/ml by qPCR

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - MSDS - Powder

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - MSDS - Solution

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - Powder CoA L:NAE795775

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - Cake CoA L:736473-C1

PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade - Solution CoA

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