LM Agarose (AG43) – To be discontinued

The LM Agarose Low Melting Point is ideal for preparative electrophoresis and the recovery of DNA and RNA. It is characterised by low melting and gelling point. When working with the LM Agarose Low Melting Point, there is no need for extracting the DNA from a gel before manipulations such as ligation, transformation, restriction, amplification and sequencing. It is useful for the separation of nucleic acids in the range of 100 – 23 000 bp.
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Features and advantages

  • Low melting and gelling point
  • High clarity and low background
  • DNase and RNase free
  • High purity (MolecularBiology Grade)


  • Conventional and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids in a 100 – 23 000 bp range
  • Recovery of high quality RNA and DNA after electrophoretic separation
  • Direct enzymatic manipulations in the dissolved agarose gel


Store at room temperature

Shipping conditions

Shipping at ambient temperature

LM Agarose (AG43) - To be discontinued - Manual


Dissolve the appropriate quantity of agarose in 1x TAE/ 1x TBE buffer by heating the suspension in a microwave or water bath. Use caution when handling as the temperature of the solution may be extremely high. Cool the solution to approx. 60°C before pouring.

The detection of nucleic acids in agarose gels can be carried out with ethidium bromide or other commercially available stains for DNA visualization.

Additional considerations

For obtaining the best separation of DNA fragments, the following recommendations should be applied.

LM Agarose (AG43) - To be discontinued - MSDS

LM Agarose (AG43) - To be discontinued - CoA 1.2018 L.795673

LM Agarose (AG43) - To be discontinued - CoA 1.2018 L.736572

LM Agarose (AG43) - To be discontinued - CoA 1.2018 L.836772