LE Agarose Standard (AG41)

LE Agarose Standard (AG41)

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LE Agarose Standard is used in particular for the routine electrophoresis of a wide range of DNA fragments (100 – 25.000 bp). LE Agarose Standard characterizes high purity, gel strenght, electrophoretic mobility (low EEO value) and low background (high gel clarity). Molecular biology grade (no nucleases and proteases)

AG41, AG41-050, AG41-010

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Features and advantages

  • DNase and RNase free
  • High gel strength (easy-to-handle gels)
  •  High electrophoretic mobility (low EEO value)
  • Very low background; low absorption of ethidium bromide
  • High purity (Molecular Biology Grade)
  • No DNA binding


  • Conventional and preparative electrophoresis of DNA and RNA fragments
  • Ideal for separating a wide range of DNA fragments
  • Purification of DNA fragments from the gel for further molecular biology applications
  • Southern and Northern blotting
  • Immunoelectrophoresis


Store at room temperature

Shipping conditions

Shipping at ambient temperature

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - Manual


Dissolve the appropriate quantity of agarose in 1x TAE/ 1x TBE buffer by heating the suspension in a microwave or water bath. Use caution when handling as the temperature of the solution may be extremely high. Cool the solution to approx. 60°C before pouring.
The detection of nucleic acids in agarose gels can be carried out with ethidium bromide or other commercially available stains for DNA visualization.

Additional considerations

For obtaining the best separation of DNA fragments, the following recommendations
should be applied.

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - MSDS

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - CoA 3.2017 L.766572

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - CoA 1.2018 L.795973

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - CoA 1.2018 L.795673

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - CoA 3.2017 L.726072

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - CoA 3.2017 L.666572

LE Agarose Standard (AG41) - CoA 3.2017 L.726072