EXTRACTME DNA TISSUE PLUS KIT (EM04) – To be discontinued

The EXTRACTME DNA TISSUE PLUS KIT is designed for a rapid and efficient purification of high quality DNA from solid tissues, physiological fluids, hair, rodent tails, insects and cell cultures. Kit includes additional bead-beating tubes with ceramic filling for tissue homogenization. The product is intended for research use only.
EM04, EM04-010, EM04-050, EM04-250

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DNA purification procedure consists of four steps and utilizes spin DNA Purification Columns with membranes which efficiently and selectively bind nucleic acids. In the first isolation step, tissue is homogenized in order to disintegrate intercellular bonds (epithelial tissue) and fragmentize high-molecular proteins (muscle or connective tissue). Then homogenate is lysed by Proteinase K in optimized TL Buffer. At this stage, all the cellular membranes and proteins are degraded. When a metabolically active tissue is used for isolation, RNA is removed by RNase A. Homogenate is separated from undigested tissue remains by centrifugation and combined with chaotropic salts. Mixture is then applied to DNA Purification Column membrane and DNA is bound. A two-step washing stage effectively removes impurities and enzyme inhibitors. Purified DNA is eluted using a low ionic strength buffer or water (pH of 7.0–9.0) and can be used directly in all downstream applications such as qPCR, Southern blotting, DNA sequencing, enzymatic restriction, DNA ligation and so forth, or stored until ready to use.



  • fresh or frozen solid tissue: 1–30 mg
  • formalin-preserved tissue: 1–30 mg
  • paraffin-embedded tissue: 1–30 mg
  • cell culture: 103–107 cells
  • physiological fluids (urine, PMR, peritoneal fluid): 1–5 ml
  • hair: 10–30 mg
  • insects: 1–30 mg
  • rodent tail: up to 30 mg


Approx. 50 μg DNA


  • approx. 12 minutes (lysis time not included)
  •  30–40 minutes for mechanical homogenization
  • 1–16 hours for periodical shaking by vortexing


A260/A280 ratio = 1.7 – 1.9


RNA contamination

Most fresh or frozen tissue contains more RNA than DNA, especially metabolically active tissues like glands, nerve tissue and epithelium. RNA may interfere with some enzymatic reactions, but does not inhibit PCR. If an RNA-free DNA sample is desired, add 4 μl of RNase A solution and incubate at 37°C for 5 minutes (step 3 of the Isolation Protocol, section XI).

EXTRACTME DNA TISSUE PLUS KIT (EM04) - To be discontinued - Manual



The quality of each production batch (LOT) of the EXTRACTME DNA TISSUE KIT is tested using of standard QC procedures. Purified DNA concentration and quality are evaluated by gel electrophoresis and spectrophotometer.

EXTRACTME DNA TISSUE PLUS KIT (EM04) - To be discontinued - MSDS

EXTRACTME DNA TISSUE PLUS KIT (EM04) - To be discontinued - CoA 2.2017 L.736271