AMPLIFYME Probe Universal Mix (AM05)

The AMPLIFYME Probe Universal Mix is a convenient enzyme mixture for fast and reliable qPCR using probes, including TaqMan®, Scorpions® and molecular beacon probes. It is the best choice for your probe based Real-Time PCR assays, including singleplex and multiplex gene expression studies, genotyping experiments or diagnostic assays. Universal - compatible with all types of qPCR instruments. Additional tubes with low and high concentration of ROX are included.
AM05, AM05-200, AM05-020

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Ready-to-use, 2x concentrated Master Mix contains TaqNovaHS polymerase which is a mixture of recombinant Taq polymerase over-expressed in E. coli and a highly specific monoclonal anti-Taq antibody. The TaqNovaHS polymerase enables easy set-up of a hot-start PCR reaction at room temperature. The antibody binds reversibly to the enzyme, inhibiting polymerase activity at ambient temperatures, what prevents extension of non-specifically annealed primers and primer-dimers formed at low temperatures during PCR set-up. The antibody is released from the polymerase during initial DNA denaturation step, thus providing full DNA polymerase activity during standard cycling conditions.

Precisely optimized buffer components, reliable DNA polymerase and the appropriate selection of PCR enhancers provide a high performance, sensitivity and specificity over a broad dynamic range and give consistent results across all commonly-used Real-Time PCR platforms.


  • probe based Real-Time PCR
  • gene expression analysis
  • multiplex Real-Time PCR
  • SNP genotyping
  • mutation detection
  • pathogen detection

Features & advantages

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Quality Control

The AMPLIFYME Probe Universal Mix is extensively tested for its performance in different Real-Time PCR assays. Free of deoxyribonuclease contamination.

AMPLIFYME Probe Universal Mix (AM05) – MSDS

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