Proteinase K Molecular Biology Grade

    PROTEINASE K Molecular Biology Grade

    Proteinase K - one of the most commonly used enzymes in molecular biology.

    Perfect choice for protein digestion in various applications.


    • BLIRT - expert in Proteinase K production for over 15 years.
    • Certified manufacturing process ISO 13485 resulting in the highest quality product with a very low batch-to-batch variability.
    • Large quantities, the possibility of white labeling, and portioning service - liquid form in the amount at the customer's request (up to several million samples monthly).
    RP100, RP100B, RP101B, RP102B, RP103B-5, RP103B-10, RP103B-50, RP103B, RP103B-C, RP107B, RP107B-1, RP107B-5