TaqNova DNA-free Polymerase (RP10)

    TaqNova DNA-free Polymerase is a 94 kDa recombinant, thermostable Taq DNA polymerase isolated from Thermus aquaticus. It is recommended for a wide range of applications which require DNA synthesis at extremely high temperatures. The TaqNova DNA-free Polymerase is a universal and easy-to-use DNA polymerase which works rapidly and effectively in various PCR condition. The enzyme catalyzes DNA synthesis in a 5’ → 3’ direction, shows no 3’ → 5’ exonuclease activity, but has a 5’ → 3’ exonuclease activity.
    RP10, RP1002, RP1002-S, RP1010

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    TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase

    TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase (RP810)

    TaqNova Stoffel DNA Polymerase is an universal and easy-to-use DNA polymerase, that works rapidly and effectively in various PCR conditions. The enzyme catalyses DNA synthesis in a 5’→3’ directions, it does not show a 3’→5’ and 5’→3’ exonuclease activity.  

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    2x PCR Hypernova-RED PCR Master Mix (RP85)

    2x PCR Hypernova-RED is a 2x concentrated, ready-to-use PCR master mix which facilitates an easy and rapid PCR reaction set up. The 2x PCR Hypernova-RED solution contains a reaction buffer, magnesium chloride, dNTPs, Hypernova polymerase isolated from Pyrococcus woesei and enzymes increasing amplification efficiency. In order to set up the PCR reaction, all that needs adding to the master mix is the template, the primer set and water.

    RP85, RP85-10

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    Hypernova-RED DNA Polymerase

    Hypernova-RED DNA polymerase is a variation of Hypernova DNA polymerase containing inner, red dye. Use of the Hypernova-RED DNA polymerase decreases the risk of error occurrence during preparation of reactions e.g. omission of the polymerase or mixing inaccurate reagents.

    Hypernova DNA polymerase catalyzes DNA replication reaction at 72°C. The half-life of the polymerase at 95°C is over 8 hours. It shows 3’→ 5’ exonuclease activity (proofreading activity). Any 5’→ 3’ exonuclease activity increases stability of the PCR products. It leaves blunt-ended, 3’ endings (important in molecular cloning) and allows to obtain a wide range of PCR products’ sizes (up to 10 kb).

    RP232R, RP235R

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    Hypernova DNA Polymerase

    The Hypernova DNA Polymerase is a recombinant, thermostable and proofreading Pwo DNA polymerase, originally isolated from the hyperthermophilic archaeon Pyrococcus woesei. The enzyme can generate very long amplicons (up to 10 kbp).

    The polymerase is recommended for the multiplex PCR as it works well in a wide range of Mg2+, salt concentration and pH. It is also recommended for the amplification of difficult templates (regions abundant in GC, palindromes and multiple repeats).

    RP232, RP235

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    TaqNova DNA Polymerase (RP7)

    TaqNova DNA Polymerase suited to a wide range of applications, fast and very efficient; universal and easy-to-use; half-life of the enzyme is 45 minutes at 95°C; shows 5’→3’ exonuclease activity; does not have 3’→5’ exonuclease activity; adds A on the 3’ ends.
    RP7, RP702, RP702A, RP705, RP705A, RP710, RP710A, RP725, RP725A

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    TaqNovaGC DNA Polymerase (RP73)

    TaqNovaGC DNA Polymerase ideal for amplification on GC-rich templates; ideal for problematic templates, which fail with standard Taq DNA polymerases. The TaqNovaGC DNA polymerase is a universal DNA polymerase which works rapidly and effectively in various PCR conditions.
    RP73, RP73-020, RP73-100

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    TaqNova-RED DNA Polymerase

    TaqNova-RED polymerase with inert red dye for direct gel loading, which also facilitates accurate low volume pipetting and is an indicator of an enzyme addition

    The thermostable TaqNova-RED DNA Polymerase catalyzes DNA synthesis in 5’→ 3’ direction, shows no 3’→ 5’ exonuclease activity, but demonstrates 5’→ 3’ exonuclease activity.

    RP20R, RP100R

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    TaqNovaHS DNA Polymerase

    TaqNovaHS DNA Polymerase is amixture of thermostable Taq DNA polymerase and a highly specific monoclonal antibody, which acts as an inhibitor of the polymerization activity (for Hot-Start PCR technique); high PCR specificity with minimal optimization; fast 3-minute enzyme activation time; very efficient

    RP902, RP902A, RP905, RP905A, RP910, RP910A, RP925, RP925A

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    phi29 polymerase

    phi29 Polymerase (EN20)

    phi29 Polymerase is a highly processive recombinant polymerase with exceptional strand displacement activity, therefore allows very efficient isothermal DNA amplification. The enzyme is capable of amplification of up to 70 thousands base insertions per binding event. The phi 29 polymerase possesses a 3’→5’ proofreading exonuclease activity, acting preferentially on ssDNA or RNA. Above all, extremely high yields of amplified DNA can be obtained even from minute amounts of template. Find out more about our Polymerases.
    EN20-10, EN20-50

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