Tth DNA Ligase EN13

    Tth DNA Ligase (EN13)

    Tth DNA Ligase catalyzes the NAD-dependent formation of phosphodiester bonds between adjacent 3’-hydroxyl and 5’-phosphate termini in double stranded DNA. It is not active against single stranded DNA or RNA and blunt ended DNA.

    EN13, EN13-025, EN13-250

    Quick Ligase EN12

    Quick Ligase (EN12)

    ATP-dependent recombinant T4 DNA ligase for efficient ligation of cohesive and or blunt end DNA fragments in 5 and 15 minutes respectively.
    EN12, EN12-050, EN12-150

    T4 DNA Ligase EN11

    T4 DNA Ligase (EN11)

    ATP-dependent recombinant enzyme used for molecular cloning, site-directed mutagenesis, nick repair in duplex DNA, RNA or DNA/RNA hybrids, Ligation Mediated PCR; concentration 5 U/μl
    EN11, EN11-050, EN11-250