LM Agarose (AG43) – To be discontinued

    The LM Agarose Low Melting Point is ideal for preparative electrophoresis and the recovery of DNA and RNA. It is characterised by low melting and gelling point. When working with the LM Agarose Low Melting Point, there is no need for extracting the DNA from a gel before manipulations such as ligation, transformation, restriction, amplification and sequencing. It is useful for the separation of nucleic acids in the range of 100 – 23 000 bp.

    Agarose HR (AG42) – To be discontinued

    The HR Agarose is suitable for the separation of small DNA fragments and PCR products of between 20 – 800 bp. The HR Agarose allows the separation of DNA fragments differing by a molecular weight of 2% and provides a good alternative to polyacrylamide electrophoresis. In addition, HR Agarose has an excellent clarity of gels at a concentration of as high as 5%. This provides electrophoresis results of a very good clarity. The melting and gelling point of the agarose have lower values when compared to LE Agarose Standard and are higher than LM Agarose Low Melting Point.
    AG42, AG42-005, AG-010

    LE Agarose Standard (AG41) – To be discontinued

    LE Agarose Standard is used in particular for the routine electrophoresis of a wide range of DNA fragments (100 – 25.000 bp). LE Agarose Standard characterizes high purity, gel strenght, electrophoretic mobility (low EEO value) and low background (high gel clarity). Molecular biology grade (no nucleases and proteases)

    AG41, AG41-050, AG41-010