Polish Science Day

Today we are celebrating Polish Science Day for the first time.

Today’s celebration  is a recognition of the achievements of all our native scientists having an enormous impact on human course of history:

  • Mikołaj Kopernik  – astronomy pioneer, creator of heliocentric theory.
  • Jan Heweliusz –  astronomer, mathematician, brewer, author of the groundbreaking work: Selenographia, sive Lunae descriptio.
  • Ignacy Mościcki – genius scientist, inventor, former President of Poland. Polish Chemical Industry Pioneer.
  • Ignacy Łukasiewicz  –  pharmacist and entrepreneur, inventor of the kerosene lamp. Oil industry pioneer in Europe.
  • Karol Olszewski and Zygmunt Wróblewski – chemists, first in the world that condensed  oxygene and nitrogen.
  • Maria Skłodowska-Curie – a pioneer researcher of radioactivity, discoverer of Polonium and Radium, and two-time Nobel laureate.
  • Henryk Arctowski – glaciologist and traveler, author of over 300 works depicting  his expeditions and presenting polar research’s results.  
  • Ludwik Hirszfeld –  doctor, bacteriologist and immunologist, founder of the polish immunology school and a new science branch sero-anthropology. Co -discoverer of ABO blood group system.
  • Jan Czochralski –  chemist, metal scientist, discoverer of the commonly used method of silicone monocrystals obtaining, later known as the Czochralski Method, which is a basis for the production of the integrated circuit.
  • Marian Rejewski –  cryptologist who was the first to decipher the Enigma code, contributed to changes in the course of World War II.
  • Stefan Banach –  founder of the Lviv mathematical school, widely regarded as one of the most important and influential mathematicians of the 20th century.


As enthusiasts of science (25% of Blirt’s employees have  a PhD degree)  introducing to the world of science its innovative solutions,  Team Blirt celebrates this day with great pride and joy.