Modernization of the Proteinase K BLIRT’s production facility

We are growing for you! To better serve our customers, we modernized the Proteinase K manufacturing facility located in Gdynia.

The factory dedicated exclusively to Proteinase K production is armed with new equipment for purification and lyophilization to meet increased market demands and to maintain the highest product quality.  

The modernization will allow for the delivery of larger quantities of the product in a shorter time, which becomes critical for the business partners. It will also enable the product’s adjustment to individual needs – portioning on request, up to several million samples per month, labeling, preparing versions for OEM, and adjusting quality control tests to customer’s projects.  Simply BLIRT’s motto “Enzymes As You Need” in action.

Proteinase K is a widely used enzyme to digest proteins in various applications such as nucleic acid isolation and purification. The isolated material is used in a variety of experiments and diagnostic applications, and often the quality of this basic enzyme guarantees the success of the whole experiment.

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