Expanding the laboratory facilities

BLIRT has signed a contract to expand the laboratory facility at Gdansk Science and Technology Park.

We produce the highest quality recombinant enzymes and reagents dedicated to the Life Science industry on a production scale. The new laboratory areas will increase the production scale of key enzymes and proteins and optimize production processes.

The main processes that will take place in the new laboratory sites:

  • Optimization of the various stages of recombinant protein production – USP and DSP (including lyophilization);
  • Scaling up protein production;
  • Protein production: USP and DSP;
  • QC – In-Process Control (IPC).
Biotechnology is one of the pillars of the following industrial revolution. An example of a spectacular development of park enterprises is BLIRT S.A., which increased its production sixfold. We are glad that the company has found its place within the diverse and innovative activities of the Gdansk Science and Technology Park. The success of BLIRT S.A. is significant for the entire region. – Radosław Wika, Director of the Science and Technology Parks Department