BLIRT Launches Saltonase – New Higher standards in Biologics Purification!

Saltonase (HL-Nuclease)

Use Saltonase to purify your enzyme or protein targets from unwanted nucleic acids.

Saltonase reveals top activity in elevated salts and retains 20% activity in low PH 6,5 where other enzymes fail.

Heat it up to 52°C to irreversibly inactivated the enzyme.

Saltonase is a cold-active, heat-labile recombinant endonuclease enzyme produced in E.coli. Saltonase effectively digests all types of DNA and RNA substrates in different buffer conditions and a broad range of temperatures. It is very active in demanding conditions, including low temperatures and the environment with high salt content.

Saltonase was produced according to high standards of ISO 9001:2015 under rigorous QC confirming its’ 90% purity.

Available in standard packages  EN32-250 25 000U, EN32-050 5000U.

Custom pack sizes and concentrations available upon request.

Special offers for manufacturers, OEM, and Bulk customers. – contact us!

Please note that all of Blirt enzymes can be tuned up according to our customers’ request.