Biotechnology opens up new horizons

A series about the economic situation of Pomerania – a weekly TV program hosted Vice-President of the Management Board at BLIRT, Tomasz Wrzesiński, who referred to the development of biotechnology:

Biotechnology opens up new horizons for us. Known industrial applications are complemented by entirely new technologies created before our eyes. Our clients use recombinant enzymes to develop unique solutions. An example is the PCR technology, several years ago functioning only in the scientific sphere, today a powerful diagnostic tool.

Tomasz Wrzesiński also commented on the impact of the pandemic on the development of biotechnology and discussed the Pomeranian industry region:

“Today, a biological agent as small as a virus can make a huge difference in everyday life and change global economies. There has been a giant leap in the perception and development of biotechnology, opening doors to a new reality.
Pomerania, a region in northern Poland on the Baltic Sea, is a developing area with a dozen biotechnology companies. It is an ideal place for the development of molecular biology, providing qualified staff, the availability of cooperation with scientific Universities, and the sea from which we obtain new organisms, discovering enzymes with unique properties.”


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Complete material available here (only in Polish): TVP3 Economic Report