Are there bacteria in the stratosphere? Check The Stardust project.

Are there bacteria in the stratosphere?

What mechanisms allow them to obtain resistance to high doses of UV and ionizing radiation? 


Bartosz Rybacki – our apprentice this year, is looking for answers to these fascinating questions.

Privately – passionate about science and technology, including molecular biology, genetic engineering, epigenetics, and biochemistry. In addition, Bartosz is also interested in classic Polish motorization, analog photography, and exploring mountain peaks.

Scientifically – student of biotechnology and member of the Stardust team – an international interdisciplinary scientific project organized in cooperation with the European, German and Swedish Space Agency.

The Stardust project aims to discover previously undescribed species of microorganisms living in the stratosphere and discover mechanisms that allow them to survive in demanding conditions, such as the presence of cosmic rays. Consequently, the obtained research results may contribute, among other scientific breakthroughs, to the development of enzymes operating under rigorous conditions.


We keep our fingers crossed for the success of the project and the fulfillment of young scientists’ dreams: “I hope that I will be able to leave a footprint on the future-oriented and fascinating astrobiotechnology.” B. Rybacki 


If you are equally interested in the development of astrobiotechnology or the possibility of identifying yet unknown DNA repair mechanisms, follow the progress of this groundbreaking project on the Stardust Team website or Stardust Team LinkedIn profile.


Bartosz Rybacki BLIRT

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