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Guidelines for reagent choice in the development of diagnostic tests

presented by Joanna Niska-Blakie, PhD

At this webinar, we will highlight the key features of molecular reagents used in point-of-care diagnostics, with the emphasis on the importance of their cross-compatibility and reaction optimization. If you aim to learn more, watch the webinar now!

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    Who should attend this webinar?


    Molecular diagnostic start-ups


    Molecular reagent manufacturers/suppliers​


    IVD manufacturers​

    About the presenter

    Joanna Niska-Blakie, received her Ph.D. in Molecular Oncology and Human Genetics at FIRC Institute in Milan, where she was investigating the role of DNA replication in maintaining genome stability. She continued her scientific career as a postdoc at A*STAR in Singapore, where she worked on the improved therapeutic strategies for patients with various cancer types and the metabolic disease triggered by the age-related microbiome disbalance. Her broad knowledge, expertise,  and deep understanding of molecular techniques and scientific trends are of great value to BLIRT’s clients.


    The well-thought-through choice of reagents in diagnostic tests development help you to:

    Optimize the reaction conditions in a cost-effective manner

    Increase the sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic test

    Maintain the unchanged quality of diagnostic tests

    About BLIRT

    BLIRT, Biolab Innovative Research Technologies, is a well-established and ISO 13485:2016 certified European recombinant enzyme manufacturer in the Life Science Industry. BLIRT manufactures reagents used in nucleic acid-based diagnostic tests, such as RT-qPCR, RT-LAMP, and in situ sequencing. BLIRT’s enzyme portfolio includes reagents needed for sample preparation with Proteinase K, RNA or DNA isolation with dedicated kits, specific nucleases, the reverse transcription, and subsequent DNA amplification.

    BLIRT’s primary focus is to create a perfect fit for business partners by offering tailor-made reagents by the state of the art technologies. Among dedicated services are fine-tuning the product’s formulation, alterations in the fermentation processes, various forms, portioning, batch booking, product preparation for OEM including white labeling, and CDMO. All released products are QC verified and CoA provided. The motto “Enzymes As You Need” reflects the company’s approach to every client, molecular application, and diagnostic test.

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