AMPLIFYME Probe One-Step No-ROX RT-qPCR Mix (AM08)

Ready-to-use, 2x concentrated Mix contains all ingredients necessary for Real-Time PCR based on probe detection technology: hot-start Taq polymerase, dNTPs, specially developed buffer, stabilizers and enhancers.

AM08, AM08-100, AM08-500

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The AMPLIFYME Probe One-Step No-ROX RT-qPCR Mix is a convenient reaction mixture for fast and reliable quantitative Real-Time PCR using probes, including TaqMan ® , Scorpions ® and molecular beacon probes. It was created for reproducible and efficient first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent Real-Time PCR in a single tube. It is the best choice for your probe based Real-Time PCR assays, including singleplex and multiplex gene expression studies.

Additionally, Mu-MLV Reverse Transcriptase and RNase Inhibitor are included in separate tubes.

The use of high-affinity antibody for hot-start polymerase ensures higher specificity, by reducing formation of primer-dimer structures. It allows to obtain wider dynamic range by removing competition for reaction reagents, it also leads to higher sensitivity and reproducibility.

Precisely optimized buffer components ensures optimal conditions for reverse transcriptase and hot-start polymerase activity. Additionally RNase Inhibitor protects RNA from unspecific RNases.

The AMPLIFYME Probe One-Step No-ROX RT-qPCR Mix provides fast, highly specific one-step Real-Time RT-PCR results, giving consistent results across all commonly-used Real-Time PCR platforms.

Features & advantages

  • Versatile – excellent for various PCR conditions using different Real-Time PCR instruments
  • Sensitive – reliable detection of low copies RNA targets
  • Reproducible – consistent amplification across a wide dynamic range
  • Specific – precisely selected anti-Taq antibody eliminates non-specific amplification
  • Efficient – high efficiency in multiplex reactions
  • Fast – accurate detection of molecular targets in as fast as 40 minutes (with either two- or three-step cycling profiles)
  • Universal – reliable detection of RNA targets from broad range of samples
  • RT-qPCR
  • gene expression analysis
  • genetic profilling
  • miRNA profiling / quantification
  • mass screening
  • RNA viral pathogen detection
  • characterization of genetically modified organisms (GMO)

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The AMPLIFYME Probe One-Step No-ROX RT-qPCR Mix is extensively tested for its performance in different RT-qPCR assays. Free of deoxyribonuclease contamination. Free of DNA contamination.

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