Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

On the 25th May 2011, the Analytical Department of BLIRT received a GLP certificate, issued by the Bureau of Chemical Substances. This certificate is a confirmation of Good Laboratory Practice quality standards.

Good Laboratory Practice is an integrated system of quality preclinical safety studies to human health and the environment. Implemented principles of Good Laboratory Practice complement of integrated Quality Assurance in BLIRT.

Developed and implemented procedures and the preparation of the facility in terms of working environment, personnel, and equipment ensure prompt and proper conduction of the study confirm proper preparation of BLIRT research facility to act in accordance with GLP criteria.

Implemented principles of Good Laboratory Practice as:

  • system of documentation (Standard Operating Procedures),
  • relevant qualification of employees,
  • implementation of the study according to previously developed, verified for compliance with the criteria GLP study plan ensures the separate identification of each test,
  • monitoring and supervision of the Study Director and the Head of the Laboratory over the course of the study,
  • control the course of the study on behalf of the Quality Assurance Unit,
  • keeping records, at any stage of the study, allowing full restoration of its course,
  • implementation of the research using equipment subject to ongoing supervision,
  • use of providers selected on the basis of established criteria of quality,
  • retaining produced documents and records.

These principles are the proof of BLIRT operation in accordance with the guidelines of Good Laboratory Practice, and thereby guarantees the reliability of the results obtained from their planning, to the proper storage of raw data and the resulting records including reports, so that they can be traced and retested.