The motto “Enzymes As You Need” reflects our business philosophy, the company mission, and vision statement. With our individual and flexible approach to every client, we strive to adjust our product portfolio and cooperation models. Due to our continuous growth and development, we have become a large-scale manufacturer, which guarantees our clients the continuity of the supply chain. 

Enzymes as You Need


Customers needs may vary:

  • Depending on the technological application, we manufacture our products in various forms – liquid, powder, cake, or lyo-ready.
  • To perfectly match products to the application, we offer tailor-made reagents through their formulation tune-up or changes in the fermentation process and creating a dedicated QC and CoA.
  • We operate in various business models as a CMO and supplier for distributors. We also prepare products for OEM and white labeling.
  • We offer additional services, like booking production batches, product portioning, or labeling.

In summary, our wide range of services covers individual customer needs.

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