Polish Science Day

Today we are celebrating Polish Science Day for the first time. Today’s celebration  is a recognition of the achievements of all our native scientists having an enormous impact on human course of history: Mikołaj Kopernik  – astronomy pioneer, creator of heliocentric theory. Jan Heweliusz –  astronomer, mathematician, brewer, author of the groundbreaking work: Selenographia, sive … Continue reading “Polish Science Day”

BLIRT Launches Saltonase – New Higher standards in Biologics Purification!

Saltonase (HL-Nuclease) Use Saltonase to purify your enzyme or protein targets from unwanted nucleic acids. Saltonase reveals top activity in elevated salts and retains 20% activity in low PH 6,5 where other enzymes fail. Heat it up to 52°C to irreversibly inactivated the enzyme. Saltonase is a cold-active, heat-labile recombinant endonuclease enzyme produced in E.coli. … Continue reading “BLIRT Launches Saltonase – New Higher standards in Biologics Purification!”

New WEBSITE – Feel the joy of DISCOVERY

We are proud to announce, that you have entered a website that we have currently launched for you. Responding to your demands and constantly changing trends, we have focused on simplicity and intuitiveness of this new solution. We are hoping that our new website has a clear layout of content and menu allowing to gain … Continue reading “New WEBSITE – Feel the joy of DISCOVERY”